Re: new album facts or rumors?

Shary T. ([email protected])
Tue, 04 Aug 1998 00:07:20 -0700

+++ I almost thoroughly agree myself that this "leek" is hard to
believe. What makes me laugh is the title "If we had sex now it would be
so right." This is either some comic relief among the guys of U2 or a
REALLY bad made up title. Paaleeeze. That line is right up there in that
line in the movie City of Angels where the girl says "We were meant for
each other. You and I fit perfectly." or sometin' like dat. Bad Bad Bad.
It would be great as a title for a "glam rock" metal song though..that
would go something like this..."Oooooo baby, you make my lighter catch
fire you're so hot. AOW!" ;b
  Tata. I'm flying thousands of miles to the western Pacific island of
my birth, Saipan where Cathedrals are old and problems are young. ~Shary

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