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Elizabeth Platt ([email protected])
Mon, 3 Aug 1998 22:53:00 -0700 (PDT)

This is a bit dated, but I did find an error in the July 19th U2 News

On Sun, 19 Jul 1998, Who needs bathrooms? <[email protected]> wrote:

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> >From CNN:
> Feature/ Mandela Prepares to
> Become an Octogenarian
> Reuters 13-JUL-98 By Richard Meares
> For other South Africans, two concerts follow a week later including foreign
> artists such as Salif Keita and LL Cool J.
> They are unlikely to match the momentous Free Nelson Mandela birthday party
> held 10 years ago in London's Wembley Stadium with U2, Peter Gabriel and
> other pop stars. It was shown around the world, but not in South Africa.

Nope, sorry, the news services are wrong on this one--U2 were _not_ at the
Mandela Day concert in London in 1988! The concert was organized by Jim
Kerr of Simple Minds. Poor old Jim--he can't make a move without U2
getting the credit! ;-) Seriously, though, I was in London the same day
as the Mandela Day concert, and met up with someone in U2's management,
so believe you me, if the band had been on stage in Wembley that
afternoon, both of us would have been at Wembley! :)

I've seen this "fact" (U2 at Mandela Day) repeated in several normally
reputable sources, e.g., Rolling Stone has said the same thing. Just
wanted to make sure that no fans on the list start looking for bootlegs of
the concert (which was televised, remember), mistakenly thinking that U2

U2 were most likely in LA at the time, working on "Rattle & Hum", though
they did come up to San Francisco at some point for a photo
shoot...probably the same week I was in Dublin! >:|


Elizabeth Platt
[email protected]

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