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MISS PATRICIA M HEFNER ([email protected])
Tue, 4 Aug 1998 02:19:40, -0500

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> Personally,
> I'm here to read and write about my favorite rock group, not politics
> that doesn't *directly* pertain to them.
> Patricia

It doesn't directly pertain to them?!? Oh, I forgot, they're really
French. Bono's big tounge-lashing during SBS in "Rattle and Hum" was
against the high price of good cigars. They didn't write any songs about
the "troubles" and it was really The Spice Girls that just played that
free concert in Belfast to promote the "Yes" vote and all those
articles in the magazines just had typos that said U2 was there. My


Damn! You've got me cornered!! :-) Hey, give me a towel. I've got an
egg on my face. They *are* political. I won't argue about that. You
know how blase we Americans are about politics. It's a fine line
between Irish politics and U2. My point is that it makes more sense to
read about Irish politics in books, the newspapers or whatever, and
leave this particular listserver open for more in this particular genre
of the arts called music--or start a listserver oriented toward Irish
politics so confused newcomers (like yours truly) won't think they've
shown up on the Irish Controversy Listserver. But let's face it, we're
never going to agree on this. Opinions are like noses, everyone has one.
Please, I am not trying to light up any flames around here and I'd
rather not be flamed for it.. The comparison between the Northern
Ireland thing and Kosovo was way off base. We're not talking about Serbs
and Albanians. I don't play to write anything else in this topic. I now
leave you to your regularly scheduled controversies. <G>


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