Re: Re: Big screen popmart vs. barebones Joshua Tree

J ([email protected])
Mon, 3 Aug 1998 23:03:26 -0700 (PDT)

Elizabeth Platt said:
>. In fact, don't forget
>the b-stage segment on the Zoo-TV tour(s) completely >(albeit
>briefly) dispensed with the "visual overkill" concept of the staging;
>anything, some of the songs (e.g., "Redemption Song") were even _more_
>"stripped down" and back-to-basics than anything done on the Joshua

ZOO TV also stripped down Angel Of Harlem as compared to the 80's
Lovetown Tour. Desire was at its most stripped down in Popmart.
Staring At The Sun was really stripped down considering the tour was
that which promoted the current album where SATS belonged. U2 never
"stripped down" a JT song during the JT Tour but instead imbellished
it to prolong it with extra verses and all. In a sense, Popmart, Zoo
TV and the b-stage gave U2 more "strip down" capabilities than ever.
They have never been as stripped down as they are now. Oh before I
forget, Edge's Sunday Bloody Sunday was as stripped down as can be
while still having the strong emotion in Edge's own interpretation.
My two cents...


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