Have a Spare $10M -- U2 Can Live Near the B-Man

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Tue, 4 Aug 1998 15:15:42 -0400

>From the National Enquirer (don't throw any lemons, please)

Nicholson Shells Out $10 Million For
Irish Hideaway
Holy getaway! Wait till you get a load of the "Joker's" new hideout -- a
$10-million home far away from Gotham City in Ireland.

That's the word from showbiz insiders who say "Batman" villain Jack
Nicholson fell in love with the elegant 130-year-old mansion in a
celebrity-studded area near Dublin.

The four-story house stands in 1.5 acres of garden rolling down to the
edge of a rocky cliff above the sea. It has six bedrooms, a massive
reception hall, servant quarters -- plus two cellars for Jack's fine
wine collection.

The "As Good As It Gets" star flew into Ireland quietly to secretly bid
for the house at auction -- setting a new Irish record with the offer --
and snatched it from under the nose of shamed singer George Michael, who
was looking for his own hideaway following his bust for exposing

"Jack came in at the last minute and outbid George," revealed an

"George had set his heart on the place. He thought an Irish retreat
would be ideal to get away from things after his recent problems."

Rock stars Van Morrison, Ron Wood and Bono of U-2 already have secluded
homes in the beautiful sought-after neighborhood.

"It's very remote, beautiful and peaceful," said the insider. "Lots of
celebrities have homes there."


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