Anyone remember The State and WOWY Bono

Lucy Angela Danko ([email protected])
Wed, 5 Aug 1998 15:48:20 -0400 (EDT)

Does anyone remember the tv show The State on MTV? It was like SNL only
better? Well, my friend taped a bunch of the shows and the first one on
the tape has U2 in it! This jock is trying to remember the word for a
nerdy guy who reads a lot of books. So the song "I Still Haven't Found"
came on. Then the guy goes crazy and "Desire" hollywood remix came on
everytime the guy was on camera. It was really funny plus i was flipping
out about the U2 songs...
As for WOWY Bono -- I think that is the best Bono. Not that I want him to
look that way again (perhaps the best look is still out there) but Yes, He
is fucking hot!

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