RE: In My Opinion - Only.

Kimiko Percival ([email protected])
Wed, 05 Aug 1998 12:50:11 PDT

>As for 3EB or Savage Garden copying some of U2 anecdotes, maybe they
>fans too.
Savage Garden are fans and they wouldn't deny it.

 I know I've punched the air a couple of times to Mofo -
>pretending to be like Bono......course I'm not as cool as Bono and it
>kinda of looks silly on me...but who cares? It's fun. Admit it - I
>know you've done it too

No but this is kinda funny. A few years ago I was babysitting for my
brother. He use to teach my nephew these lil dances when he learned how
to stand. He turned on U2 real loud and I walked into the kitchen and he
was standing on one foot doing that kick thing Bono use to do. That was
the funniest thing I've ever seen him do.


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