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1.) "John J. Hlavaty"<[email protected]> wrote Re: Dissenting Opinion on Pop and
 Bono's Voice
‹snippage, sorry>

<<There are times when I miss the '87 version of U2, but there are also times
<<miss the '83 version or '92 version. It's difficult to say what U2 will
 bring out
<<next, but I'm sure there will be plenty of fans who love it and plenty who
 hate it. <<And this will bring about people discussing the "glories" of the
 ZOO or POP <<era U2. But as long as U2 are happy and progress has been made,
 that's all <<that really matters. Thanks, John, for a well thought-out and
 researched response to all those naysayers :o)

Can I join YOUR fan club??? (Do you get the impression that I agreed with
 everything you said??? (*chuckle*)

Lookin' for to fill that God-shaped hole...

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