WIRE POSTING #1 (or...I'm WAY behind on my digests...)

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Wed, 5 Aug 1998 23:07:59 EDT

1.) J <[email protected]> wrote re: Spontaneity on tour: no diff from JT and
<<There is no difference in the spontaneity from JT to Popmart. Bono
<<tends to rehearse his ad libs for songs.
Maybe the adlibs have their roots in spontaneity. Maybe he doesn't actually
rehearse the adlibs, but when he finds something that works, he reuses it.

<<Bono rehearses his ad libs and speeches between songs and in songs.
Are you quoting this from a source or are you making an assumption?

2.) Bonnie <[email protected]> wrote Re: Rob Ocorn's posting
<<Selling out would be to do whatever was a sure thing commercially. POP was
<<a gamble.
Thanks again, Bonnie, for a well thought-out, flameless post. Some of us
could learn a thing or two from you :o)

Lookin' for to save my save my soul...

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