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Wed, 5 Aug 1998 23:08:00 EDT

1.) Michael West <[email protected]> wrote re: U2's forthcoming tour(s)
<< Would anyone be disappointed if U2 decided to abandon their "home", and
<< as a result play in smaller venues?
Personally, I would only be disappointed if they decided to stop touring

2.) Welcoming hugs to "Unforgettable Firedancer" <[email protected]>

3.) Robbie Robinson <[email protected]> wrote re: Raging bull bono
<< He picks up a lot of ideas from Gavin. :)
Anyone who doubts this, take a listen to "Hallelujah" (from Tower of Song: A
 Tribute to Leonard Cohen) as well as "Shag Tobacco" (Gavin( Friday),
 especially the title track :o)

Lookin' in the places where no flowers grow...

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