Re: Bootlegs, Morality and Legality

U2GreekGod ([email protected])
Thu, 06 Aug 1998 11:19:45 -0400

Hehe. Where to people get these facts thats illegal to own and trade
bootlegs? The -heard- if from someone? :) Has anyone actually sat down
and read the US Copyright laws on bootlegs? Not pirating, thats totally
different and illegal.
 A great webpage to visit is: Play with it for
awhile, a lot better than that u2shopping place anyways, and if I get
another email from them... :) Bascially, heres the say, illegal to
profit, legal to own. Goto the bottom of my u2 list online also, I site
specific laws and explain how it is legal, interesting reading. Anyway,
just thougth I'd jump in here before people started getting scared. :)

-Marc (U2GreekGod)	

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