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Thu, 6 Aug 1998 11:49:23 EDT

Hello Fellow Wirelings,

I just wanted to tell you (the collective) thank you for visiting the site we have worked so hard to bring online.

The concept was to have everything: news, downloads, fun, games, merchandise,
all in one, easy to navigate site, and judging from all the positive feedback,
you like it and we appreciate it. More is on the way.

Now, I do want to apologize for the way some people used an error in our blind
carbon copy messages to spam you. It was NEVER our intent to upset or
inconvenience anyone, merely inform U2 fans of our new site. We made it very
easy to be dropped from the mailing list, you simply had to reply to the
message, no typing, simply reply and send. the people that used this error to
spam some of you have been sent a letter from us.

Some people still saw the need to rail on us for doing so. You cannot please
everyone I guess! I think it was more of an invitation to a party, or event,
not a "spam" as in the conventional sense of trying to get you involved in a
scheme or sending chainletters, porn invites, etc.
 But we do hope you enjoy the site and many additions are already in the
works, some funny, some serious, all very cool!

Now, we also want to apologize for the delay in the site upload. You can thank
Joel Tanner at Interference for that. We originally wanted to work with him to
have a site like this, my concept of the one stop shopping mall, rather than
surfing all over to get these things. But he in his infinite wisdom, (catch
the sarcasm, please) told us in no uncertain terms that it is his show and for
us to (and I quote) "sit down, shut up, and enjoy the ride" making references
to "the enigma and mystery of Interference"...whatever.
He then got angry when we checked out his reputation and found that
Interference has a less than stellar rep with the U2 camp. We then decided to
go it alone.
He registered the name last week out of spite and after beating our
server to the punch and has no plans to utilize it, he said he did it merely
to "get our attention".
In the past several months he has managed to put up news (done by Deseree, a
great person whom deserves the news credit, not Joel), a bogus Mofo single,
and stills from webcam Belfast show and that is all., all in three-four
months. Wow. Great job, Joel. A legend in his own mind.

Anyway, enough of that. Please feel free to email me with suggestions and
comments about the site. Sorry for venting, but it was a long time
coming...the soapbox is now free.

Peace love, and lemons......
Chuck Anderson
Zooropean U2 magazine

"NEVER, EVER let the bastards grind you down!"..........

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