Cutting IWF, AI Fundraiser, and Beards

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Thu, 6 Aug 1998 16:52:39 EDT

1.) "Nikki !!!" <[email protected]> wrote re: Cutting songs from
the list in U2's next tour.....

<<Did someone say cut I WILL FOLLOW?!? Did I read that correctly? No
<<way, Jose!
I agree, Nikki!! This was SUCH a special treat for me!!! And, I think, for
many "old-time" fans :o)

<< and playin' the drums on my stearing wheel to.
Cool, you do that, too?? :o)

2.) Heidi Dutton <[email protected]> wrote re: daily tally/ total so far
<< I don't know what else to tell you; these AI fundraisers have been
<<successful in the past. I'm here to facilitate, not to bully people into
<<contributing. The overall lack of interest concerns me. Of course, I WILL
<<see this fundraiser to it's completion; we just won't do this in the
<<future, if you don't want to.
No, Heidi, no!!! Maybe the newer WIRElings just need some testimonials from
older subscribers...THIS IS NOT A HOAX!!!! I contributed last year and EVERY
SINGLE THING went EXACTLY the way Heidi told us it would...she always kept a
public running tally and AI posted a "receipt" to the list at the end of the
fundraiser. I've already told you you could count on my donation, Heidi (I
know it's a little slow in coming, but it's coming!!) C'mon people!!! This
is for a good cause!!! If there's anyone who doesn't know what AI is all
about, visit the website (anyone got the URL handy? - I'm at work and I don't
have it!!) Please, people, can we get together on this?? I hate to see a
wonderful, selfless idea go down the tubes...
3.) Barefoot Dancer <[email protected]> wrote re: Sun City on Pop-Up Video
<<He looked awful. He had a beard
Actually, I liked the beard :o)

<<They gave a quote he said at the beginning of the video. "People should
realize-we're <<just jerks like them." (referring to white South Africans????)
No, referring to "people" in general. PEOPLE should realize-we're just jerks
like THEM.

Mother...mother suckin' rock n' roll...

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