JT tour--my purple tuppence's worth

MISS PATRICIA M HEFNER ([email protected])
Thu, 6 Aug 1998 17:00:19, -0500

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Let me tell you, there was nothing planned or contrived about the anti-
Reagan sentiments of the JT tour. It was something we *felt* strongly
about, as opposed to *calculated*. If you must know, I was going to
political demonstrations protesting aid to the "contras" in Nicaragua
which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of innocent people. We got
rocks thrown at us because people thought we were a bunch of communists,
or at least too damn liberal!! :-).....one particularly ugly incident
occurred when some jerk drove a car right straight into the
demonstration, injuring six people. Nobody sat down in an office and
decided that they were going to be against this and other things that
decadent administration ini Washington was doing. The JT tour was an
expression of the way we felt. At that point there was a fine line
between U2 and American politics!! :-) That album was about the U.S. and
how it impacted U2. Also, the stage design was very simple because that
message was so straightforward. There was nothing "slick" about it. The
other tours meant something else, and were indeed different. Since then
the Soviet Union has broken up, the Berlin wall is history, and the mink
stole and diamonds crew that ruled us in the '80's is back in Hollywood.
Good riddance.


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