Do You Feel Loved, Discotheque, the bass player.

Jo Spurrier ([email protected])
Fri, 7 Aug 1998 21:30:31 +0930

Could it be the question of life, the universe and everything? Sadly, the
answer 42 doesn't fit…
ANYWAY – I have very little idea of what this song is about. I am tending
to think that the protagonist is totally disarmed by someone in his life,
whether it is a woman or god kinda depends on your point of view. There's
an inherent restlessness in the lyrics – the protagonist is not content. I
get the idea that he doesn't think he's good enough on his own, and he
needs the help of this mysterious other, be it woman or god, to keep him
up to standard. That's the first two verses. As for the third verse, this
reminds me of Luminous Times (Hold on to Love), and the lines:
'I love you cause I understand
That God had given me your hand
Holds me in a tiny fist'
Which I always took to mean that god was a little baby, binding it's
parents together with love. This ties in with the lines:
        'Love's a bully pushing and shoving
in the belly of a woman'
which again brings the idea of a baby tying the parents together, and the
god thing comes from the god=love message that the christian television
association keeps putting on my TV.
I don't really know how the first and second verses link to the third, and
I'm not really happy with this interpretation…if anyone has a better idea,
please let me know.

Someone was asking about Discotheque – I love this song. I think it's
brilliant. You hear it on the radio every now and then, and every time
it's YEAAH!!! FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC!!!! Anyway, I think it's about love – if
you just read through the lyrics, and take it that 'it' refers to love, it
works really well. Discotheque is one of U2's true love songs – there
aren't many – Two Hearts, Babyface, maybe a couple of others. I did write
a whole thing about it a few months back, it's in the digest, but if
anyone's that desperate for a copy, mail me and I'll dig up the file.

Jo S.
MAYBE the bass player is cute?? MAYBE!!!!??? The bass player is DEFINITELY
bloody BEAUTIFUL. Mind you, so is the singer. Oh, and the other two.
Finding peace in the neon

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