U2-Beatles/ The Ethereal Connection

szarf ([email protected])
Fri, 07 Aug 1998 08:14:10 -0400


The Ethereal Connection is a website that shows the amazing
chronological "coincidences" when you compare each of the U2 and The
Beatles album covers.

    It was launch to cyberspace one year and half ago, and more than
16.000 people have come in due to a link in Zoonation and word of mouth.
Some people saw what i saw and are really amazed by it , but some people
think i am completely crazy...the important thing is that my concept is
out there and you can like it or dislike it. There is a section called FEED
ME in wich you can write what you think about it....and presumably
members of the band had already see it.....i say presumably because you
can send a message signing as if you were one of them but in some of
the cases i think that they are real ..the first person close to the
band who i think saw the website was Memphis Eve, bono's daughter...The
Edge and Howie B had also come in (i think)... ..So please come and see
it and write what you think about it in the "feed me" section.

wating for you

Moises Szarf

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