Popmart Movie World Exclusive Tomorrow!!!!!

Mark Duffy ([email protected])
Fri, 7 Aug 1998 13:28:38 +0100


This advert appeared in the Scotsman Newspaper this morning. It's part
of the Edinburgh Festival. The advert said:

"22 square metres of U2, Peter Gabriel, movies, festival clips & all for

Clips of acts, artists, performances and exhibitions will appear on the
2 Sony Jumbptron Screens.
The video clips will be mixed with live interviews and performances,
ehibits of digital art and premiere screenings - including the world
premiere of U2's multi-media exhibition."

8 - 30 August at The Ross Bandstand Princes Street Gardens"

There is a web site (www.festivalrevue.com). More details about the
event. It talks about Catherine Owens the woman behind the Popmart
visuals and goes on to say that "U2 will be screening part of their
Popmart Movie. This is a world exclusive, the band are putting together
a sneak preview with new visuals by their resident artist Catherine
Owens, the Popmart Movie is not due to be released later this year.

There are video images on the site and the chance to view it all live

What a discovery!!!!!!

Why the hell I am out of the city on a bloody stag day tomorrow??????

There is no mention of an appearence by the band.

Looks like we know what sort of video is going to be released.

If anyone wants to talk to me about this I'll be at work for the next 2
or so hours. I only get email access at work so I can't tell you more
after that 'till Monday. I'll get down there on Sunday and find out what
the story is.

I'll let you know how I got on

Enjoy Wirelings!!!!!

Mark Duffy

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