Humble Bono

rob okorn ([email protected])
Fri, 07 Aug 1998 21:54:36 PDT

Beatles/Who Bono quote: The gist of the comparison was him saying he
wanted U2 to be as big or bigger than the Beatles or The Who not that U2
ARE BETTER than the Beatles, big difference. Those were his
aspirations, his goals, they went for it. In a TV interview where he
made similar comparisons, it was like he was a wide eyed kid in a candy
store, saying U2(circa 83) weren't close to being where they wanted
ARTISTICALLY, they had a passion to strive forward and there's nothing
wrong with setting goals. It was easy for critics to use the comparison
argument and scream bloody audacity.

White flag symbolism from '83, anti-violence sentiments articulated at
gigs had more weight than some 80's 3rd rate artist singing fluff
lightweight shallow lyrics and then mouthing off at everyone post
concert to show his true colours.

It seems Bono's strong overt actions, non-conformity with the status
quo, or strongly opinionated verbiage is simply dismissed no matter how
valid or compelling simply because people don't have the attention span
at a concert to care to listen what he has to say. Sure a concert is
great escapism and entertainment, but who is selfish and arrogant, the
people with the short attention spans who couldn't care less about
violence somewhere else, after all it's cutting into the concert time.

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