from vegas i remember

Elena Espinoza ([email protected])
Sat, 8 Aug 1998 08:20:25 -0500 (CDT)

edge looking over at the front row and smiling at us and
towards the end of the concert, looking over at Bono and
loving him with everything he's got.

from kansas city i remember "lnoearth" ROCKIN'!!!! and,
well, knowing that it wasn't 'cuz of Bono's guitar. :)

from winnipeg i remember a perfect set, tight and controlled
and improving with every (studio) guitar lick.

from madison i remember the screen magnifying him and thinking
"this edge man, right, he's cool".

from chicago (and chicago and chicago) i remember the "uteotworld"
ritual on the b-stage as well as the karoke, edge up close and
personal and maybe actually enjoying himself.

from minneapolis i remember the electricity coming from The Amp.

from detroit i remember the loudness, god almighty, the noise,
how sweet the sound of the guee-tar.

from st. louis i remember The Dance.

from miami i remember edge's backside and after all that while
thinking, "what a cute, little man".

from new orleans i remember edge's closed eyes during "sbsunday,"
and his patient smile while we clapped and cheered for him.

from houston i remember "desiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire"!!!!--he and
Bono pretending to mess up and laughing.

from seattle i remember....*sigh*....from seattle i remember
the edge dance and how, long by this time, he was the one seeking
Bono out to dance for him.

from rio de janeiro i remember "btbsky" being SO LOUD that it
woke up god.

from sao paulo (and sao paulo) i remember, oh, i remember the
beginning chords of "bad" and edge saying absolutely nothing
as he stepped up to the mic for "sbsunday".

from bonos aires (and buenos aires and again) i remember
concentration but also lots of sincere smiles from him,
not the patient kind, but the indulgent kind, like he
meant it.

sweet, sweet The Edge of the World, my world. when your fingers
have grown tired and your hands cold, when your feet have
stopped dancing and your boots retired, when you no longer
look for Bono (for to save his soul) on that stage nor follow
him out into the crowd to make sure he's still yours, when you're
finally, finally resting and enjoying your days with that ever
patient smile on your lips, my sweet, sweet The Edge of U2,
i shall put on a reh-chord, maybe _captive_, maybe _achtung
baby_, maybe one yet to come, and i shall celebrate you the proper
way, reverently, respectfully, and longingly.

for now i'm putting on _the joshua tree_ and appreciating
every strum of your love. 'cuz that's all i can do, lucky
bastard that i am.

happy birthday and all.

Live is where we live.
   Larry Mullen Jnr. (1997)
Like nicotine....I need your love.
                   "Hawkmoon 269"

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