Show me the money!! / High bids!

Heidi Dutton ([email protected])
Sat, 08 Aug 1998 19:29:51 -0400

 Received today -

A big fat NOTHING! :| Come on! - We're so close to BEATING last year's
donation (and our record!!)

 *SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

(I'm saying that a *lot*, to my boss, for instance...)

-High bids so far -

Rock's Hottest Ticket - $18.00 (RP)
Zoo Europa (YOU WANT THIS!) - $17.00 (LM)
Dancing Zoo TV- $26.00 (KB)
Meximofo - $16.50 (SZ)

 No bids for the poor lonely Island Treasures - c'mon, bid or I'm going to
have to buy it myself!

Don't forget - the Please Promo condoms and the POP Promo Poster are still
listed at eBay! Both are mint condition!

Heidi ---->"vacation" starts NOW. Or else, nervous breakdown starts next

 PS - Home-grown auction software details SOON!

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