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On Wed, 1 Jul 1998, [email protected] wrote:

> i forget who wrote it the other day, but i suppose i am responding to the
> person whom wrote about their meeting of Bono. And they said afterward, that
> maybe the band respects those who keep their cool rather than go running
> toward them screaming at hte sight of the band.

I'd say that this is a bit of an understatement! ;-) No, the fellas
don't take much to the "screamers", and I can't say I blame them. After
all, would any of _us_ want to be approached that way? Sure, anyone who's
become famous has to anticipate this sort of thing, but really...

And yes, there are fans who do scream, run, and chase after limos like
eejits--saw some of that in Vancouver near the end of the tour. There was
a small group of fans who would scream and run like mad after any limo,
town car or taxi (!) that drove near the band's hotel. Some of the other
fans there tried to shush them a bit, and tell them to chill out, but to
no avail.

> But the other day, i was looking at a U2 websight, and they were showing
> pictures of the Popmart concert in , i think, Los Angeles. The pictures were
> categoried into three things.... The band, the fans, and the celebrities.
> Looking at the picture of all of the celebrities at the concert made me kind
> of mad. I pictured them showing up in their limosines, being escorted to their
> front row seats. I suppose what made me mad is how they have everything
> handed over to them....

Comes with being a celebrity, especially in LA! :) But generally, the
VIP section(s) at shows is/are either on the raised platform alongside
the mixing board, or (sometimes) in the risers or luxury boxes. I'd say
that the fans who got their seats through Propaganda, or just got lucky at
the box office, had better seats than the show-biz poo-bahs. In fact,
weren't there a couple of Wirelings who got better seats in D.C. than
Chelsea Clinton? ;-)

> did they stand in line for hours trying to get a good
> seat??? I DOUBT IT. Did they have to save up for three months to be able to
> buy that ticket???(I was thirteen at the time)YEAH RIGHT! it just makes me
> think that they show up to be seen, that they dont really care.....then again.
> i dont have very much respect for the famous... (Except for U2, and that one
> reason i was drawn toward them) they all just seem to me like a bunch of dumb
> bimbos who look to be seen. and they use their famousness wrong.... and um...
> they should leave the good seats for the real fans, like me.... tee hee.

I wouldn't get too narked over the rich 'n' famous showing up at the
concerts. Now, showing up _backstage_ annoys me all to hell, but that's
another question! :P So long as the fans get a better-than-average shot
at seats through the Propaganda/World Service mail-order deal, there's no
real need to worry....


Elizabeth Platt
[email protected]

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