'Inner City Blues' - The Music of Marvin Gaye

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Sat, 8 Aug 1998 21:17:48 EDT

...so i'm at Zia records today looking around and seeing nothing, when
neighbor Chris hands me the above-mentioned CD. Of course, he has his finger
pointing right at track 2 which is 'Save The Children' by Bono. Since it's
only $3, I buy it...(what the hell, I dropped $23 for the 'Desire'-single).

It is a 1995 Motown Records product with Bono on lead vocals with Marvin Gaye
speaking in the background from the original recording.

If anybody has any other words about this, it would be an interesting story
how Bono became part of this tribute CD...other artists include, Boyz II Men,
Neneh Cherry, Digable Planets, Nona Gaye, Madonna with Massive Attack, Sounds
of Blackness, Speech, Lisa Stansfield, and Stevie Wonder.

Also, if anybody can give me some tips on turning it into a RealAudio file
available for downloading, i'll definately do it ASAP.

Dan in TheDesert
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