Erin Minaker ([email protected])
Sat, 08 Aug 1998 18:53:04 PDT

Hey everyone

   I was making yet another U2 mix tape for my car today, when something
struck me. I was taping WIRE and I began to think that the song seemed
out of place on UF. THe guitar riff had a "before it's time" quality. In
fact it reminded my of stuff off AB such as MWays and Zoo Station. Then
I began to think about other songs which sort of hinted at a future
direction U2 would Take. Almost as if they were unintentionally writing
sequels. Exit seems to me to be an 80's version of Please. They sound
great back to back!!! Not to say U2 is repeating themselves, they
aren't! But while they reinvent themselves they maintain qualities which
give them fluidity throught the different U2-eras. Has anyone else
noticed other songs which come from different eras that sound good as
(for lack of a better term) sequels or back to back tracks? I think RTSS
and LNOE is another great pair!
I hope someone out there has a clue of what I am getting at. I am afraid
I am going WAY OUT there on this one!

Thanks! Erin---who has been listening to U2 nonstop for 6 hours!

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