Re: U2 arrogance + Rattle and Hum

SILVINA ([email protected])
Sat, 8 Aug 98 23:43:23 PDT

Max wrote:
>and I add that, at least here in Mexico, there are a lot of people
>that really believe that R&H was a blessing when it was in our
>cinemas ... Probably you were (and are) sick of seeing them in the
>screen. For us - and for me - R&H used to be the only way to see
>them in concert, JT era =)
>could possibly appears as arrogance in the USA, since you had the
>whole tour. but there's a world outside the USA ... =)

I agree with Max on this one. I've heard so many times about what a failure
Rattle and Hum was, etc, etc...but it really was considered as such by the
US media. The rest of the world really enjoyed it (at least down here in
Latin America, anyway). Here in Argentina it was a HUGE success, and I
believe it introduced many many people to U2's music. As Max said, it was
the only way near a show we had...I remember that when I was at the cinema,
it was SUCH a party!!!!
Just my 0.2 cents...

PS: MESSAGE FOR ROB O. : Rob, some words for you...just let me tell you that
we all know and love Lilith for a long time. If you want to write long,
boring (IMHO), intrincate pieces of your mind just to show that you have
learnt all the words with Latin origin there were in English , it's fine
with us, we can take it (or scroll through it) but going around attacking
people just because they disagree is way off line, dear.
And remember...sometimes less is more.

"You'll never know what it feels to be so close and be denied..."
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