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ZOWIE wrote:

>Yeah Mike, I'd give my vote to the woman who refuses contraception to women
>who can't even feed the dozen kids they have already. And, of course, she
>deserves an award for telling sick and dying people to accept their pain
>and suffering as a path to the next 'life' while she checked herself into a
>private clinic whenever she had a cold.

I strongly desagree with you. You are really disregarding so many facts
about life in India! The contraception thing can be objetable as you say,
but as long as taking care of people is concearned,you really don't have
your information right. In a country where sick people were (and are) DYING
on the streets, sometimes even attacked by rats when lying there, Mother
Teresa took them with her and built a place where they could die as human
beings and not as dogs. You are making this sound as if she denied them
medical attention, and that is completely wrong.
Many of them couldn't be saved, but at least we treated as people (consider
that the poorest people in India have absolutely NOTHING, not even a bed to
die on). And many were cured, also, due to the efforts and devotion to them
of the charity workers. And by the way, M. Theresa died of an illness
directly related to poverty. I don't think it was because she was taking
advantage of the poor people that came to her.
Sorry to write all this on Wire, you probably don't care abou this, but
since this post appared here, I believe another opinion should also be
voiced. If any wants to go on discussing this with me, please do it
privately. Thanks.

"You'll never know what it feels to be so close and be denied..."
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