Re: meeting the band...and bimbo celebrities

Robbie Robinson ([email protected])
Fri, 07 Aug 1998 20:33:48 -0700

Elizabeth Platt wrote:
> On Wed, 1 Jul 1998, [email protected] wrote:
> > But the other day, i was looking at a U2 websight, and they were
> >showing pictures of the Popmart concert in , i think, Los Angeles.
> >The pictures were categoried into three things.... The band, the
> >fans, and the celebrities.Looking at the picture of all of the
> >celebrities at the concert made me kind of mad. I pictured them
> >showing up in their limosines, being escorted to their front row
> >seats. I suppose what made me mad is how they have everything
> > handed over to them....
> Comes with being a celebrity, especially in LA! :) But generally,
> the VIP section(s) at shows is/are either on the raised platform
> alongside the mixing board, or (sometimes) in the risers or luxury
> boxes. I'd say that the fans who got their seats through Propaganda,
> or just got lucky at the box office, had better seats than the
> show-biz poo-bahs. In fact, weren't there a couple of Wirelings who
> got better seats in D.C. than Chelsea Clinton? ;-)

Yep, another thing about LA, was that U2 was throwing a huge after
show party at the LA Sports Arena right next door to the stadium
they played at. That joint holds thousands and they turned it into
a huge disco for the night. This use to be the place they played
at in LA back before they became *really* big. It was for
all their show and music-biz friends that reside in this area.
It was cool, me and a few other fans spent several hours trying
to crash it:) We got to see Bono holding court through a badly
secured door. He was standing in the center of a lounge area
in one of the side room bars and all these industry big wigs
were orbiting around him like minor planets around the sun:)
It was great to watch. He was standing still and relaxed in
the center of many agitated "important" people trying to look
cool and desperate to get near him at the same time.

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