Re: meeting the band and bimbo celebrities...

khufu ([email protected])
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 00:08:16 -0400

> Kate
> Reguarding what Khufu said about me...
> I wrote the post in momentary frustration, and yes, maybe a bit of jealousy.
> But I am NOT a monster.

what i wrote was taken too personally and it was a bit misunderstood.
i was not calling *you* a green eyed monster. jealousy is the green
eyed monster, it's a saying. at the end of your post you asked for
opinions, my is but one. be careful what you ask for, because you
just might get it. i wasn't ticked off, but i do notice that many
people make negative comments and conclusions about people they have
never even met and really know nothing about, based often on nothing
more than someone's looks.

heard a story today from a fellow fan who had been to dublin, that he
was denied entry to the kitchen, seems he didn't fit the profile of who
they thought was cool enough to get in. he did get in the next night
though, when he got two girls to let him say he was with them. i find
this situation to be a very sad comment on how some people really do
seem to think some people are better than others. seems like those
running a club owned by members of u2 would be a little more enlightened,
but perhaps that's too much to ask.


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