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Daragh Monaghan ([email protected])
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 12:05:37 +0800

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>Robbie Robinson ([email protected]) wrote:

>> >[email protected] wrote:
>> > so i'm up late channel zapping, when i come upon "sifl and olly", this
> >> strange sock puppet show on acid that mtv shows at 12:30 am. when the
>> > show cuts to a commercial, they have this feature called "rock facts".
>> > the question was - "what did the band u2 use instead of electricity to
>> > power the recording of their early albums?" so i decided to take the
>> > bite, and waited through the commercials to see what their answer
>> > would be. show starts again, and while the screen says "answer: this
>> > is about as true as atlantis", sifl and olly do a voiceover, saying,
>> > "i heard they used fermented potatoes, to like symbolize the irish
>> > plight, or something." just thought i'd share this bit of pointless
>> > u2-related trivia with wire:)
>> >
>> > -ana
>> Jeez ana, aren't fermented potatoes, uh, like, GIN!
> >U2's early albums were Gin powered! The truth comes out:p
>> (I thought it was only Adam back then ;)
>> Robbie

>Actually, all root vegetables can give off electricity, which is
>why this joke is a touch humorous (a classic science experiment
>is to stick a light bulb in a potato to illuminate it). And fermented
>potatoes are used to make vodka (haven't heard of potato-based
>gin, but I could be wrong).

>Just thought I'd pass along some chemistry trivia.



Of course, the most famous Irish potato based beverage is Poitin! (Still illegal (and occasionally lethal!) in my oft rain sodden country...

Cheers..... (hic)


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