Children? I think not! :)

Annemarie Donegan ([email protected])
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 08:07:58 PDT

  I was reading yesterday when I saw this post wishing Edge a happy
b-day:) Maybe I'm stupid (and/or wrong) but I was a tad offended:
>So sorry for all you who aren't the U2 age. 37-38
>There are so many things you'll never understand because you aren't
>like us!!
   Now, I understand that you may be able to relate to the band better,
and maybe you're right. I just wish that people would refrain from
talking to me(and others my age) as children. It makes me feel really
awful. You are the same age as my parents, yet they don't make me feel
as though I don't understand u2's lyrics. Believe me, they come in
crystal clear. I am 15 years old, probably the youngest person on this
list. I have been a fan for those 15 yrs.(I really have: My parenrs
played u2 during my moms pregnancy) I was raised between Bono and Billy
Joel. I have only recently become"obsessed" on my own. Please don't
demean my love for the music simply because of my age. Thanks for your
consideration:) Annemarie
"Practice random acts of kindness" "dream out loud at full volume"

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