Re: Children? I think not! :)

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Mon, 10 Aug 1998 12:15:48 EDT

Hey there Wire again,

  I agree with Annemarie, but I also agree with what
Modsavage said about the age. Granted, people our age
Annemarie (I'm 18) can love U2 music just as much as the
next Tom, Dick, or Harry that's in his 30s. But, I think what
Modsavage might have been referring to was also right. We
may love U2s lyrics and music, but there are some things
we may not "get" full-swing yet. We just don't have as much
life experience, nothing more. We're not any less intelligent
or beneath the old folks ;^) in any way, we just can't relate
to some of the things they can. For an example, the song Bad
is (let's just go with me here) about addiction. And, if you've gone
through and addiction of any kind, you probably have more of
a connection to the song. Of course, others love the song too,
but that life experience just gives them a little "edge" if you will.

Cheers from the youngens,
[email protected]

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