FANatic/Bono in 3eb

Jennifer Shaw ([email protected])
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 23:16:18 PDT

(1) FANatic
        To the person saying that there was no age requirement (actually that
you 'don't have to be 17') for FANatic: Was your reasoning based on
this one meeting? You said you thought the guy who wanted to meet Tara
Lipinski was only 1 1/2 years older than Tara's 15 or 16. Is it just me
or does 16 + 1.5= 17.5? And even if she was only 15, how do ya know she
wasn't 15 1/2? That would still meet the requirement. The only reason
I'm arguing this is that on the Official Mtv FANatic page it states
quite clearly in larger-than-normal font that you have to be 17. They
have no reason to lie, so I think you could be wrong.
(2) Bono in Third Eye Blind
        I think WIRE is having an effect on my dreams because when some people
were talking about Third Eye Blind in relation to U2 (I think they did a
cover maybe? I can't remeber why we were talking about them) I had the
oddest dream that I attended a Third Eye Blind concert and 'Jumper' was
playing and the lead singer, Stephan Jenkins, walked by and when I
smiled at him he sat down and started talking to me. I looked closely
and I realized it was Bono! And the song kept going even though no one
was singing and no one minded that Bono had taken over and decided to
quit and talk to me instead. I sure didn't mind! Just thought I'd
mention this. I know, I'm weird. ;)
P.S. I'd love to see a psychiatrist analyze *that* dream! ;)

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