Another Time , Another Place and a few thoughts!!!

Brian Rossi ([email protected])
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 16:50:08 +1000

Hey wireland,

Well I was listening to my Boy CD this morning and as my favourite song
from the album came on "Another Time, Another Place it occured to me. What
the hell is Bono singing near the end. I realsie hes speakin in Gaelic but
i have no idea what hes saying. Its one of those things that annoys me
every time I listen to it...

Anyways If there are any Galeic speakin wirelings out there who would care
to translate this for me id be very grateful...

Another thing just to waste a bit of time in between classes at university.
 A while back someone posted about how U2's music is good therapy (I think
it was Nikki!) and just listening to it can really put you in a good frame
of mind. Thinking about this I just need to say that i think its a truly
amazing thing how music can do this to you. Furthermore the power of U2's
music and the way it always seems to give you a bright outlook towards life
and towards your future... Well i know this is the case for me anyway. I
can be in a really shitty mood and all i have to do is put on some U2 and
Bang all of a sudden my pattern of thought can change in an instant. I was
watchin the video of Sao Paolo last night, as well as bringing back all
those wonderful memories I had of Popmart it also got me thinking. How
powerful the gift of music really is. To hear 100,000 voices come together
as one in unison with 4 guys on stage really shows you how the music
connects with people and how it does bring them together... Someone once
told me that U2 was a thinking mans band. Id have to agree with this. To
me their music is about just that yet at the same time there are many other
levels and ideas to it that make it so right, so perfect , so wonderful.

Music is something that takes you to another place. It is a place where
you lose yourself, where you let go and most of all a place where you
reveal and find yourself.


Within 20 short years the wonder had grown from a serious of random noises
and cracklings into a system of difussion by which one voice could
encompass the whole world.

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