Crossing a bridge

Karine Maucourt ([email protected])
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 15:42 +0200 (MET)

                Hi you all !

        This is my last post today...
        Do you remember this thread about crossing a bridge by U2 ? Here is
a solution given by a friend of mine:
Maybe a solution: Bono carries his friends one by one: > Bono + Edge (on
his back) 1mn, return of Bono (for the torch) 1mn, idem with Adam and
Larry total: 5mn. It rests 12 mn for Bono to recover his efforts!!!

        And another solution from another friend of mine.

That evening, the battery of the torch broke down whereas Adam and Larry
were hardly engaged on the bridge. Larry started panicking. 15 min later,
not seeing anybody arriving, I decided i had to go to see what it occurred.
I found Larry ploughed up who didn't want to walk anymore with Adam in zen
mood trying to reason him. He said to me to go to prevent the others while
he dealt with Larry. I then found Bono
over-excited, exasperated to be late, vituperating. Edge, remained impassive
in front of the ire of Bono, decided to engage on the bridge in the black
and took along Bono who continued to howl. Probably a way to evacuate the
stress. I followed them to be sure that Mr. Bono doesn't make a half-turn
suddenly. Unfortunately, once arrived at the middle of the bridge, Edge
brushed again Larry which started. They did not have advanced since my
preceding passage, Adam having finally decided to smoke something. 25 min
were past. Of a blow, the bridge started to tremble. We were afraid to enter
in resonance, that was just Mc Guinness who ran to the news, not seeing his
musicians on scene. He noted
the situation, mouthed a blow on Bono to calm him and asked Edge to deal
with Larry and ordered in Adam to hurry to finish his pause. In less than 2
min, everyone is on the good side of the bridge. I remained on the bridge
and head for the other side. I stumbled over something on the ground. It was
the torch. I collected it, I typed a blow above. It worked again! Finally in
short, with all that, the concert started with a half hour of delay... and I
was thrown out immediately :) Therefore the following day, Edge and Bono
passed first into 2 min, Bono returned into 1 min, Adam and Larry passed
into 10 min, Edge returned into 2 min bringing back Bono into 2 min. Total
17 min. They had nevertheless changed the torch as a precaution!

          In the name of love


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