No Laughing Allowed!!!!!

Perez, Michelle ([email protected])
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 11:00:21 -0400

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Sorry.....but, I have to say I was laughing so hard at
Dan In The Desert's post I almost tinkled (sorry if you didn't need to
know that). My co-workers were looking at me expectantly, but I didn't
share - they wouldn't get it. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Damn, I just missed the boat, being only 32. I always wondered why I
couldn't figure out what the message in U2 songs were. Thank God I have
Wire to explain it all to me.

You guys are tooo much!!!!! I love it. Thanks for making me laugh.

Course, that may not have been meant to be funny. If that's the case
-uh ..oh - is that a flame arrow shooting my way?


Ba Ba Ba Benny and the I have that song in my head. Thanks
a lot Dan..... ;)

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