get over the 'I know more about U2 beacuse I have been a fan longer' syndrome

U2girl ([email protected])
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 00:55:07 +1000

I have been a long time fan yet I consider it *harsh* for people to under
estimate the knowledge of the so called *younger fans*. I think its unfair
to assume that say a fan in their *30's* somehow has this magical insight
into U2 that nobody say in their teens or early 20's could possibly relate
too, and before all you 30+ something's get out of your wheelchairs and
start typing like there's no tomorrow in defence of your wisdom,
I have a few things to say. I have met U2 fans of many ages, older, and
younger and I think it is too generalized a statement to suggest *older fans
are far superior in their U2 facts* like who really wants to know what
colour jocks Bono wears? or how many Vita-Brits Edge has for breakfast? I
just get slightly agitated about this whole *age* issue and the 'I know more
than you' mentality.

one annoyed little mofo

"It's about music... I hope... well at least that's what you said it was
gonna be about!" - The Edge

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