The Age Issue for the Billionth time...and 90's U2 vs. 80's U2 Revisited

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Tue, 11 Aug 1998 20:42:34 EDT

    "I am sorry that you don't have a group like U2 to identify with for your
at least the 20 year olds have Pearl Jam. You others are stuck with prolific
groups like hansen and back street boys to identify with your era!!"
      Okay, well, I'm 18 and I think we have every right to say that U2 is
just as much a part of our era of music as the older fans can say about
their era of music. The fact is that U2 is still making music right now as we
speak. Their songs from the 80's as well as their newest songs are getting
played on the radio radio stations today who's target audience is made up of
teens and young adults.
    You may be their age and that gives you an advantage because while we were
babies and small children, and not as aware about what was going on in the
world, Bono, The Edge, Larry, and Adam and their same age fans were. But
this gives you no reason to say that we can't claim U2 as part of our music
era too! They're still going aren't they!!! They're still alive!!! They've
never split up, and their music has never been labeled "oldies" yet! Besides
I take pride in the fact that I was born just about the time that U2 was born
as a band. I like to think of it in the sense that I was growing up at the
same time they were growing up into the great band they are today. Their
music has been with me my whole life, and I feel blessed.
      And by the way Hanson and the Backstreet Boys are only bubble gum music!
They're not even comparable to U2! They are not what marks our era of music
at all. Hanson, the Backstreet Boys, the Spice Girls etc. are the groups that
end up completely forgotten in the future when people look back on the music
of each decade. And U2 rule in the 90's just as much as they ruled in the
     Also on an earlier note, I'm sick of the older fans and fans in general
who glorify U2's past and neglect to love them as much now! Just remember the
wise words of our hero, "You glorify the past when the future dries up..."
Do you want U2's future to "dry up"??? I certainly don't! I want them to be
going forever! And if they're still on stage when they're 80, I'd still be
rooting for them! :) So be loyal fans and love them now. Their
experimentation and innovation keeps their music exciting and interesting,
because it keeps them excited and interested about what they're doing. So
respect that. The variety of music that they have been providing for us over
the years is one of the many reasons U2 is such an exciting band to follow.
What remains the same through the wide range of different sounding music that
they have been making, is the rich emotion coming from their hearts and souls.
You can feel their emotion through every song from every album-- Boy to Pop
and all the rare stuff and B-sides too! I don't know how they keep doing it,
but they continue to put all they've got into everything they do, and I love
them for it!
A Devoted U2 Fan 4 Life

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