Dishwalla and U2

[email protected]
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 20:46:33 EDT

ya know..I saw this heading and was LMAO...ONLY becuase in Dishwallas song
"Counting Blue Cars" I would ALWAYS swear I was hearing the lead singer say,
"Will I marry Bono? Will I marry Bono?" and I LOVED that song because of
it...then someone hadda go and tell me what he REALLY says which is "am I very
far now, am I very far now" which in turn ruined my whole day and any future
listenings to that song...

Now I KNEW that the singer wasnt actually singing "will I marry Bono" I just
liked the fact that its what *I* was hearing him say which made me love the
song so much...and I knew that one day someone would tell me the truth and
ruin the song for me..which of course they did but not for about 6 months
after the song was released I had 6 months to experience the lyric I
REALLY wanted to hear :)

my take on Dishwalla :)

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