Re: U2 Crossing The Bridge Problems

Robbie Robinson ([email protected])
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 23:14:27 -0700

J wrote:
> All these crossing the bridge problems are ether unsolvable problems
> or some mathematical brain twisters that have nothing to do with U2
> but people just change the names to Bono, Larry, Adam, Edge so that it
> will seem U2 related. In my opinin, these things are equivalent to
> chain mail. How about this:
> <snip>
> J

Your just pissed off because you can't solve it ;)
It's a real question that Microsoft uses in it test of
employee applicats and there is an answer. This went the
rounds along with the answer on Wire early last year.
I wasn't very intrested in it so I didn't save the


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