Age Debate/The Verve and U2

Jennifer Shaw ([email protected])
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 23:21:17 PDT

(1) Age Debate
        <<There you have
it,U2's music is not old and attracts fans of all sizes,ages and shapes
more than the Beetles ever will!F*ck the past(Beetles),Kiss the

You don't actually think that's how you spell The Beatles do you? It's a
joke right? Cos like 'em or not, you've gotta admit The Beatles
influenced a lot of today's music. And I really must say, your poll
sucked cos I would've ruined it: I'm 14 I love The Rolling Stones and
The Beatles and U2. Oh and I live in Texas so it's not like I'm British
and feel some strange duty to like 'em. But I'll give you credit, you
made me laugh. At you- not near you.
(2) The Verve and U2
        August 9th I attended a Verve concert (fornt row) and it was
incredibly, wonderfully, amazingly, lovely and good! The reason I
mention this is because the people I was talking to there had also gone
to U2 PopMart and it was pretty cool but a coincidence- so I thought.
August 11th, the reviews are out and the only one I (ever) bothered to
read, spent a whole paragraph comparing The Verve to 'early' U2, though
I seriously doubt his 'early' U2 consists of "Boy" or "War", more like
UF and JT. He said the emotinal impact and the feeling they put into it
was similar. So some old fart who doesn't even listen to this type of
music is finally getting a glimmer of the magic we live in. Funny, but
I never thought it'd happen.
P.S. Sorry about the spacing but I misspelt the mailing addy so it sent
it back to me so I had to cut and paste which screwed up the spacing. I
*always* misspell the damn addy, they need to change it!

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