A really fun U2 riddle-> please read!! Its fun!!

cornflake girl ([email protected])
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 06:04:28 PDT

its been a long time since i've posted to wire and i need to say this->
i really have missed this place!! you guys understand what's its like to
love something sooo much-> and i think that passion is a bad thing ;-)
how many of you are starting to really miss bono, edge, adam, and larry
lately? i feel like its been exceptionally hard lately and i'm not sure
why!! maybe cause i keep thinking about this time last year... tell me
i'm not alone and others are going through this!! this is why i hate
okay, this is an actual riddle given to microsoft employees. no one was
able to get it and you have 5 minutes to solve it. there are 2 possible
solutions and my friend and i were able to get both!!

okay-> u2 have a concert in 17 minutes. they have to cross a bridge to
get to it. only one or two members are allowed to cross at a time. there
is one flashlight and everytime someone crosses the bridge, they must
have the flashlight. each band walks at a differnet pace:
                   Bono- 1 minute
                   Edge- 2 minutes
                   Adam- 5 minutes
                   Larry- 10 minutes
if you send two together, they must walk together at the slower man's
pace.for instant, if bono and larry go, it takes them 10 minutes. if you
then send larry back with the flashlight, its another 10 minutes thus
you've run out of time. there are no tricks to this-> no gets thrown off
the bridge and no one is carried!! hope this isn't confusing!!
by the way, does anyone have bootlegs from tge new york popmart shows or
the boston show :-) i've been slow with that ;-)

love ya,

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