DUBLIN STORY PART I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karine Maucourt ([email protected])
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 15:29 +0200 (MET)

                               Hi you all !

        As it's a very long story, i tell you my crazy week in Dublin day
per day. Let's go :

        Friday, July 16 : We were 16 french U2fans in this Aer Lingus plane
from Paris to Dublin. And do you know the first thing we've seen at the
Dublin airport ? A poster with Boyzone on it ! No !!!!!
:-((((((((((((((((((((. Bad omen ! At the meeting we had in Bad Bobs pub, we
only met Marcy (thank you again for coming) and anyone else. :-(((((((((((((
Where were the others ? Well, it was a bad way to begin our week. The only
good thing about it is the fact this pub is almost faced to the Kitchen
:-))))))))))))))))))))))))))) And the pub is great, we even had live music !

        Saturday, July 17 : on morning, we chose to begin with Windmill Lane
and Hanover Studios. Obviously, we shot some pictures of the walls in
Windmill Lane, if someone here knows who drew the golden arch on one of the
walls, you can thank him/her. It's great. Obviously, we let some signs on
the walls with the date 07.18.97. If you come there later, look for our
signs...You'll know i wrote one of them.
        At the Hanover studios, we didn't stay much time, but we saw a
Mercedes parked near them. Hummm.....We also met two guys who work beside
the studios and they explained to us the band never come to studios on
week-end and rarely on monday. So, we decided to come back on tuesday.
        On the afternoon, we decided to go to Killiney to see Bono's house
and Edge's house. At the station we asked to a woman where was Bono's house
and she showed it to us immediately :-)))))))))))))) Waou !! It happened
like that : "Please, where is Bono's house ?", Answer: " It's just there"
(she showed it with her finger), Answer :"Thank you very much". We were
absolutely amazed by this behaviour. It seemed to be so incredible to us. We
met italian fans in front of Bono's gates too. Bono's house is white and
Edge's house is pink. I failed to see Edge's house but some of my friends
saw it. Both can be better seen from the beach but Bono's one can be even
better seen from the DART train between Killiney and Dalkey (the station
before Killiney if you come from Dublin city), because the train passes
almost under his house. At the Bono's gates we've talked with the
houseguard, he said to us "Bono is in France, Edge is in California with
Morleigh and their baby, Larry is in New York and i don't know about Adam.
And they don't record at this time". Ooopppss :-(((((((((( He talked a
little more with us but didn't give us more infos about the band.
        On the evening we come back to Bad Bobs, we had decided it could be
our meeting point for all the fans. We had planned the meeting at 10 pm but
four of us were there at 9.30 pm. And can you believe this ? They saw Edge
himself passing in front of them with 2 women from The Clarence hotel to go
to a restaurant named Eden in Sycamore street !!!! This street is closed to
the Bad Bobs pub. The fans were so surprised they could call him only when
he was almost arrived at the restaurant. They asked him if he could stop for
pictures and he accepted :-))))))))))))))). And when we arrived at 10 pm,
they told us "we've just seen The Edge and we made pictures of him with us"
and we didn't believe them because they didn't get autographs. We replied
"HAHAHA, it's a joke !". But when we saw Sabrina (one of them) so excited,
we decided to believe them. And we went near to the restaurant to try to see
him. And he was at a table near a window, so we could see him, we could see
his black cap :-))))))))))). Obviously, we decided to wait for him in front
of the restaurant's doors, sitting on the pavement faced to the doors. And
can you believe it ? We didn't wear any u2 Tshirt, however, an irish man
came towards us and asked us if we were waiting for Edge ! How could he
guess it ? He surely knew he was there. Edge left the restaurant at
midnight and Marie (a belgian fan who was in our group) was up to ask him
for autograps and pictures. But he answered "i can't now but i come back in
10 minutes". So, we waited 30 minutes more before he came back. He saw us
sitting as soon as he entered in the street and came towards us with a very
big smile. Maybe he thought it was funny/great to see fans waiting wisely
for him in the same place than the first time he has seen us. When we asked
him for pictures and autographs, he said "Sure, no problem" and let us do
everything we wanted. And if you could see his look, it was sooo sweeeeeet
:-)))))))))))))))))))))))))) I'll never forget his look and his smile !!!!!
He accepted to sign everything we suggested to him. We asked to him what the
band was doing currently and he replied "we're writting now, not still
recording". It means IMO the new album is on the way but will not be
finished soon. However, we can't know exactly when it will be released.
Then, he asked us if we have autographs and pictures enough and left us to
come back to the restaurant. And we come back to our homes
dreaming.........We were so happy it was hard that night to sleep.

        To be continued......

        In the name of love


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