U2 in the workplace

Kimiko Percival ([email protected])
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 10:51:21 PDT

Well yesterday while I was at work I heard U2 so many times. First I was
in one of the attornies offices getting these files and he had a lil
radio on his desk and it was playing 'New Years Day' so I was sitting
there humming to it. Than about an hour later while I was going through
the files 'Mysterious Ways' came on the office stereo. So I was sitting
singing that. THAN 2 hours later when I am back at the office down the
street the radio was playing 'WOWY'
Never in my life have I heard U2 come on the radio so many times in a
short amount of time (except for the day of the seattle concert, U2's
birthdays, a block of U2, and st. patty's day) so today I am hoping for
the same kind of luck = )


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