Lack of Courtesy

John Hlavaty ([email protected])
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 14:05:48 -0500

Thomas Healy Burg ([email protected]) wrote:
>Wow, I never thought I would actually post something to Wire, least of
>all respond to an argument such as is being rendered by the 35 year
>old crowd. What a DUMB argument. Isn't music about emotion? And who is to say
>one's emotion is less worthy than another.
What I think is ridiculous is the fact that so many "young"
WIRE members are far more insulting than the original post!
Many of you readily dismiss our claims and feel
vindicated in insulting any "old" WIRE member simply because
of what *ONE* person wrote! You demand our
respect when you show none. Forget this "old vs. young"
nonsense, the utter lack of courtesy on WIRE is
appalling. I am ashamed for you. And yes, I *AM*
being condescending. But it's for reasons like these
that lists like EXIT and ONE were created.

While ModSavage was insensitive, all those who have
sided with him to some extent agree that U2's music
is such that it will draw fans from all ages. But for those of us
close to U2's age, we have the ability to on a more personal level.
Hence the notion of this "special bond". This is not to state
that any younger person can't "bond" with U2; it's just not quite
in this same fashion.

* FarawaySoClose * ([email protected]) discussed listening to "old"
music as a child. That's great, but just as I cannot truly relate to
the actual emotions generated during the time the Beatles and Stones
made their music back in the 60's, FarawaySoClose can't quite
relate to the emotions of this music. One can appreciate the music and even
love it, but it's not quite the same as a person who was 18 in 1968 facing the
conflicts of that generation. And this is the only point that was being
made. That's it and that's all. If any of you drew a different interpration
from our words, that's your fault, not ours.

Tina Darrell ([email protected])
>When it comes down to the wire (no pun intended I assure you) what the
>"older" generation of U2 fans are saying is that the younger are not as
>deserving or grateful or appreciative or whatever as they are........

No, you are wrong
*ONE* person was rude by stating those comments. If it makes any of you
feel better, I apologize on that person's behalf. But the rest of
us "older" WIRE members have not been insulting and for you
to miss this clearly indicates that either you haven't read our posts
or are so irritated by what ONE person wrote that you had to make
some sweeping statements regarding many innocent people.

A few of us tried to not only clarify ModSavage's points, but more importantly,
we clearly stated that we FULLY respect those younger than us.
Unfortunately, I do not see this courtesy being returned by the younger
WIRE members. Instead, I see posts filled with insults and an even
greater condescending tone than the original post!

If there is one thing I have learned as I've aged is that people older
than I may not have experienced everything and they may not be
able to exactly relate to my current situation, but they
generally have enough sense and wisdom to offer solid
advice. So to the young WIRE members who became
overly irritated by *one* person's comments and
felt they had to insult ALL older WIRE members as a result, I advise
you to take a lesson in courtesy - for that never ages.


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