Beatles Age Debate

Ben Spidahl ([email protected])
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 13:37:29 PDT

Hey fellow U2 fans,
     This is my first posting on the wire and after reading some
previous postings, I actually have quite a bit to say. First, I am 16
old and have been a U2 fan as long as I can remember. I think that all
these seemingly "deep" and "profound" statements about age determing how
much you can enjoy U2's music are actually pretty shallow. In my
opinion,anyone can enjoy music, regardless of age, because each person
gets something different out of the music. Sure, maybe a 30-something
will have a little more insight to certain songs, but many of Bono's
lyrics were written when he was a teenager himself and therefore we
teenagers are also ableto grasp and relate to much of what Bono says. I
love their music and the lyrics are also very intelligent and touching
in more than one way.
      My next comment is about the U2/Beatles debate. In my bedroom I
have a Beatles poster right next to a Bono poster and so far I haven't
sensed any conflict between the two:-) But seriously, who cares if you
like the Beatles more or U2 more, because everyone has their own
preferences. (I greatly prefer U2)And also, didn't Bono dedicate the
song God Part II to John Lennon? This shows, that Bono had a great
respect for the Beatles and perhaps we U2 fans should also respect them
for their great talent.
Sorry for wasting so much space, but I had to share my thoughts.
            Peace, Ben
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