Re: Has Otto K. started sending out popshots?

Otto Kitsinger ([email protected])
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 13:48:22 -0700

Nasir wrote:

> Can anyone telling me if they have received word from Otto regarding photo
> orders? I've been trying to reach him but have had no luck. If anyone
> knows his plans please let me know. If you get this Otto please write me
> when you have the chance.
> Nasir

Hi Nasir, others wondering what's up:

- I've been getting about 150 pieces of email a day I'm supposed to deal
with (not just U2 photos, but everything I do) and I just don't have the
time. I'm sorry I haven't gotten to your emails to let you know what's up;
they're two of the 260 backlogged in the "U2" folder. Since a bunch of you
are on WIRE, I'll just post here.

- On top of all the non-photo problems in my life, I've been having trouble
getting stuff properly printed by the labs. Dark edges on many concert
shots lead to badly miscropping prints, which means another trip back to
the lab. Sigh. It's hard to get good help these days. About a third went
out on Monday; another third of the stuff is done and OK and will be out on
Friday; the rest sometime next week perhaps, if it gets done properly.

- I've stopped accepting new requests, and all info on how to order and
prices etc. have been removed from the site. If you've sent money but not
heard back from me, you'll get the photos this month. If you need email
replies before you can order, sorry, it'll have to wait until after I
finish my father's estate mess. That means maybe October, probably
November. (But the delay in accepting new orders is to make sure I can
fill them QUICKLY, not this baloney situation I've gotten stuck in now
where there's still some stuff I owe from many moons ago.) (To the one
percent of you who don't like this, want to order stuff now, and complain
in email, tough. I took the photos with my own money, I posted 1000 of
them to share with other fans at my own expense (about $50 monthly, mostly
because of the amount of traffic they generate), and I don't have to offer
prints to anyone, let alone at prices so close to cost. I'll do it again,
but when I can afford the time, which is not now.)

- If you do have an order all ready to go and you haven't sent it, you CAN
send it today or tomorrow and I'll do it. But if you need pricing or any
other info that requires an email answer now, sorry, it'll have to wait
until Oct.

- While I'm here, Guido, if you're back from Italy, lemme know - I owe you
a tape I want to get sent. (And Dan and Dave, I'll write you about yours.)

Thanks everyone for yer patience,


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