Re: Geraldo is NOT arrested.. don't believe the spam

Reno ([email protected])
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 23:32:44 +0200 (CEST)


Then I guess it's okay to deliberatly mislead and worry people by rumouring
someone has DIED or someone's been ARRESTED. Sorry.. a public apology to
Wire.. it's my error indeed.. it was so wrong of me to relax fans that have
send money his way. My blame. how could I have been so stupid indeed. argh..
mea culpa

mea culpa

the rest of what's said is not worth going into here on Wire. Is the soapbox
high enough for ye? It hurts my neck to look up so high. However, I find
comfort in the fact that it's not the first time I see my words twisted to
this extend.. getting used to it. great job!

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pick me up! put me in yer pocket.. take me home.. keep me warm, YAYA!! YO!"

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