Daily tally/AI Media Spotlight Awards/this wk's auction end

Heidi Dutton ([email protected])
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 17:35:46 -0400

 Received today-

-Bonnyvox- $15.00 (cute memo message! :)

 So you are all spared the fate of having 10k of Fundraiser FAQ stuffed
into your mailboxes for one day! :-) Thank you, Bonny!

** Media Spotlight Awards- a few things:

1. I have 3 people lined up to represent the lists at the awards. I can
send one more, or really 1 person for every $250.00 we donate. (I called
AIUSA today to make sure). So - if YOU are someone who lives in the general
NYC area (NJ, CT, NY, PA...) and would like to join the other 3 people who
are attending the awards AND you have made a donation or will be making a
donation to this fundraiser, email me! If you agree to attend and
represent the lists- here is what I am looking for-

 - Someone who contributed to this fundraiser or will, who can get to NYC
on the evening of Monday, 9/28.

- Someone who can observe, participate, is comfortable mingling with VIPS
and stars. ( Patrick Stewart, ABC News Prime Time Live, Muhammad Ali, The
Boston Globe, Kenneth Cole, Christiane Amanpour, Emerge Magazine, Richard
Gere, Melissa Mathison and Public Radio International, big wigs at AIUSA,

- Someone who will not drink so much that he/she doesn't remember what went
on at this thing the next morning! :)

- Someone who can be our eyes and ears, and report back articulately and
accurately to the list about the event. (This is crucial - I *will* enforce
this; it kind of didn't happen last year! If this list is sending you to a
$250/plate dinner, you WILL tell us how it went...)

- Someone who will *really* take advantage of the experience, live it to
the fullest, and have a fabulous time!! :-)
- Someone who has the proper attire! (Last year, the invitation read,
'festive attire' - I still don't know what that means!:) this year's
invitations were mailed today, I'll let you know how they word it when I
get it!)

 PLEASE UNDERSTAND- this dinner will not cost us anything. We were going to
contribute over $1000.00 anyway. This way, we will still contribute the
same exact amount of money, but we will get 4 dinners out of it. There will
be no difference in our contribution whatsoever, and no difference in how
the money is used by Amnesty International.

Pertinent INFO-

Date- 9/28

Place- Pier Sixty at the Chelsea Piers

I'll let you know the time, etc, when I get the actual invitation. If you
are interested in representing us at this event, email me!

A question I am getting asked again this year is, why don't *I*, Heidi,
attend the dinner? Here's my answer-

1. I much prefer to play Faerie Godmother, wave my magic wand, and send
others to a ball that they would otherwise not attend! I especially get a
kick out of it when someone gets to go for whom this event has some real

2. I do believe it would be a conflict of interest for me to attend.

 BTW- it's of some coincidence that I reported Bonnyvox's donation today -
SHE is one of the people who represented WIRE at the awards dinner last
year! :-) And she did file her report afterward, as she was asked. :-)

Lastly - the auction for this past week is closed- the winners have been

Sara Z, your email is bouncing, please contact me! :)

 Okay - this was my last post for the day, I think I took advantage of
that! Back to the couch, not feeling well...


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