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Wed, 12 Aug 1998 17:42:21 EDT

Tina - great idea about the "2000" tour....

<<Late one night....about a month ago....after a bit of Vodka induced
inspiration....I thought that a logical name for U2's new tour could be
called bring in the new century and all.....

Wouldn't it be fun if they brought in the new century with every would be a bit too much....>>

This would be a bit like the Pleasure Island New Years deal - "where every
night is New Years Eve"....

But I have also been thinking for a while about the next tour...and was
thinking of sticking this up a few weeks ago when people were talikng
about/comparing U2 with Def Leppard....why not do the next tour in the round?

This would enable the band to scale down the show, take it back in-doors, and
yet get an even more intimate atmosphere for an arena size crowd. The main
stage would effectively be the B-Stage - and more people wotld have a better
view of it! Larry could stick a Harley engine under is drum riser, and tear-
arse across stage, while the rest of the guys could a) try and keep out of his
way, and b) wander around wherever they felt like! By doing this, they could
play to 3 sides of the crowd at once, and Larry could play to everyone......

With screens above each side of the stage (similar to Boxing matches) those
fiurther back could see even more clearly what was going on, and any video
malarcky that was felt necessary could still be used....

Just a few thoughts that have been coliding around in me head - waiting for
the right inspiration...

Tara a bit!


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