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Wed, 12 Aug 1998 22:50:12 EDT

"Nikki !!!" <[email protected]> wrote re: Lame Def Leppard & Kick
 Ass U2
<And while Def Leppard was screwin' stupid, starstruck girls and
<gettin' high every night, U2 had their priorities straight, kept their
<willies in their knickers, and made some amazing music.
I saw this special, too, and thought the same thing when they said that (i.e.
 "U2 would never be like that..." LOL)

Lilith <[email protected]> wrote re: many things (long! opinionated!)
<Perhaps in a subsequent post Mr. Bell might explain what his learning
<about U2's early years has to do with the rest of that paragraph.
(much snippage, sorry)
Gee, Lilith. I get the impression that you found Mr. Bell's ramblings, for
 the most part, incoherent and nonsensical. *whew!* I thought maybe I just
 wasn't paying close enough attention!!!

<I'm curious if by this time anyone gives a rat's ass over this one-sided
<argument over U2's embrace of "glitz" etc. in the POP era, as opposed to
<their embrace of cowboy hats and country-music references during the
<Joshua Tree tour.
Nah...I've been skipping over these long-winded posts for about a week now
 (yes, I'm STILL behind on my digests!)

many others wrote stuff Re: repressing their homosexuality. Here's my 2:
I am NOT a homophobe, and in fact one of the reasons I respect U2 is THEIR
 respect for diversity, for people of all races, creeds, religious background,
 sexual preference, etc., etc... HOWEVER to even HINT at a SPECULATION that
 these guys are repressed homosexuals is ludicrous!!! If they were brothers by
 blood, would anyone question them hugging and leaning on one another, etc??
 NO...these guys are like FAMILY, and it seems to me they are all passionate,
 affectionate men. There is no repression here...and no homosexuality either.
 And NO...it would not matter to me even if they were!

What more in the name of Love???

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