Chenna, E. Platt

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Wed, 12 Aug 1998 22:52:45 EDT

Re: "Chenna"'s alleged revelations:
<<The album is 13 tracks long and some of the songs have long titles one
<<is "If we had sex now it would be so right". This sounds like it will
<<be a good song as i like the ones dealing with a sexual side to life.
OK, who else smells bullsh*t???

Elizabeth Platt <[email protected]> wrote Re: Big screen popmart vs.
barebones Joshua Tree
<Is that oversimplified? Yep, it's oversimplified. But you've seen how
<much flak I can get for overly long posts already! ;-) So I'll keep it
Thank you, Elizabeth, for an enlightening post for those of us who were unable
to actually ATTEND a JT era concert (yes, I was a fan, but I was tooyoung to
go to a concert, in my parents' opinion). I always want to counterpoint those
who slag ZooTV and PopMart, but it's hard to do without really good inside
info, which you have now given me :o)

I hear voices, ridiculous voices... :o)

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